Thursday, 19 May 2011

Nice To Meat You

For veggies the month of May is significant. National Vegetarian Week (23rd-29th May) the reason. These dates, a permanent fixture in our diaries since the year began. A celebratory week filled with events and mouthwatering recipes to promote vegetarianism. Encouraging others to give it a go. The Vegetarian Society championing this year's big idea: the veggie pledge. Give up meat for the week.

One week is not a lot to ask, to see how you go. Meat eaters may even enjoy it, perhaps bring a spring to their step. A veggie life not bland, with abundant veg and meat-free alternatives to try. Think of the animal lives you're saving, your body will thank you for it too. Meat, often no longer a treat, but a strange compulsion to chew. I should know, I used to be a meat eater too. Turning over this new leaf 17 years ago. I don't regret my choice. It's opened up a whole new world of tastes, textures and flavours. My palate expanded, far beyond any words that could describe. My connection to food and the world around me enhanced by this very stance.

You may think this is a PR stunt, but I prefer to think of it as advocating this path. Vegetarianism has brought me many benefits, my belief it could do the same for others too. I'm healthier in mind, body and spirit, and no I don't care if this sounds a little holistic. Going veggie a journey, where I've learned to value who I am and life. Meat eaters missing out on so much just by hating their vegetables. Funnily enough, I once felt the same. Green veg not allowed to even grace the plate. Now feeling cheated if green's a colour absent from the dish. Beans, lentils and pulses, a discovery I won't forget. The myth, once you adjust, being far from true. Carnivores though might find it easier to try the meat free alternatives. Many to explore if you require that meaty taste and texture.

Nobody's saying this transition has to stick. The veggie pledge a challenge to meat freaks. Recovered meatoholics, like myself, would have more respect for others if the favour was returned. Test out our way of life, even if you harbor doubts that it will suit. The support is there if you dare to enroll or choose to persist when the week's through. Just visit the links below for further info.

I'll leave you with this call, which veggies might say in Brucie style: “Roll up, Roll up, get your meat free grub. Nice to meat you, nice.”