Thursday, 16 June 2011

Feather's High Tea

Ever since April, I've felt compelled to host my own street party. This one however set in the land of make-believe. A fantasy tea. I've given it serious thought from the food down to the guests. My imagination used to its wildest degree. If anything was possible, what would your ultimate party be? Who would you invite if you could have your pick from the dead, living and famous? A little fantasy good for your health. An escape from the clutches of boredom. Bearing this in mind, what follows is a imaginary treat. Time to take your place at Feather's High Tea!

Why Feather you ask?" Because growing up, childhood friends often struggled to sound the letter “H”. Feather was easier to say. This stuck and strangely enough suits my frame and temperament. I can get swept along in my mind and quite literally off my feet, as my plans for a high tea will show. I flick through possible venues in my head. Nonsuch Park? Epsom Downs? No, let's keep it real. Mum and Dad's long patch of lawn will do. I picture a Moorish style tent, tables and chairs set up inside, and butlers to facilitate our desires. Their main job to meet and greet, pour tea, serve finger foods and cakes. A private chef installed in the kitchen, producing World-inspired hot and cold bites, all veggie approved and compliant. I wonder if The Vegetarian Society's Kitchen Doctor could be bribed? The final touch. A decked area with Buddha statues, water feature, coloured cushions and fabrics. A place for guests to congregate before and after this vegetarian eating/drinking experience.

Scene set, we need only the guests to walk on stage. Who will I hope has RSVP? The guest list a mix of artists – actors, writers and poets. The lack of veggie invites duly noted. Those amongst the living include the Dali Lama, Peter Owen Jones, Benjamin Zephaniah, Jamie Oliver, Michael Palin, Helena Bonham-Cater, Colin Firth, comedians Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French to liven up proceedings, and Johnny Depp, with the condition he comes dressed as Capt Jack Sparrow. Accompanied by a list of the deceased. Literary greats, such as Beatrix Potter, Enid Blyton, Jane Austen, Dickens, Virginia Woolf, Mrs Gaskell, and the lesser known Charlotte Mew. Yes, it's a little unbalanced, but these are my top people as Bridget Jones would say. My daydream drifts on... mind lost in this land of English high tea, with an African/Eastern theme. I'll leave you to imagine what yours would be...