Thursday, 21 July 2011

Use Your Loaf

For the past few weeks I've been following Waitrose's Love Life campaign with interest. Unable to make up my mind whether to champion or boycott it. A marmite affair, but unfortunately not so clear-cut. I watched the ad, read what's been said in the press, (some of it admittedly biased), and mulled over the facts. Using my loaf was not substantial enough to convert the info to nutrients. The marmite debate still proved easier, until I hit on a great idea – I needed to sample the goods!

According to Waitrose's website, this brand new range is based on a simple philosophy: Nutritious food can taste great and should be enjoyed. Developed with the expertise of in-house nutritionists and award-winning chefs Love Life aims to use wholefood ingredients and cut down on saturated fats, salt and sugar. I can't dispute that, except to say that perhaps they're missing the point. Our problem today is that we're enjoying our food far too much! My experiment was short-lived. I got cross with the expense, despite the 25% off, as well as the limited availability in some stores to meet my needs. I also couldn't survive on the ready-made portion supplied. Slender I might be, but I don't eat averagely, nor do I snack in-between meals. Super sizing the serving an option I weighed up. A full tank and fat hole in my wallet then guaranteed, however I didn't feel it was healthy to proceed. Ironically the food I did try was good. The quality that you come to expect from Waitrose. I enjoyed the fruits, nuts and seeds on my cereal, and the oriental coleslaw I mistakenly bought assuming it was vegetarian. It was reduced and the label covered up the ingredients. The lime-chilli dressing it turned out contained fish, but luckily as it was in a separate pot I was saved from pinching a colleague's ryvita. The vegetable paella cooked well and was tasty, but it was a light bite that wasn't enough to satisfy the growling wolf in my belly.

Nutritionally balanced food to fall in love with they say. That might be so, but are we in danger of giving too much personal responsibility away? Losing our loaf figuratively. The message too mixed for me. Indulge in this food, it's healthy or learn how to cook with our free recipes. Waitrose, which one is it to be? Love Life is a brand marketed cleverly. Why can't food education be key? Do we really need another range of goods to exhort this? Use your own loaf, but Love Life wants the best of both it seems to me.