Thursday, 18 August 2011


As the dust settles down from the riots, my mind has remained determinedly fixed on three letters: WHY? My interest may appear feigned, but it's not. I want to understand the people that participated in this. What lies beneath this shallow surface of crime? Is there any thought involved in their actions? The grounds given: the death of Mark Duggan, a lack of respect, and boredom. The youth of today not listened to. In other words “the mob rules ok”. Get used to it. What infantile reasons for gangs to loot towns, city centres and high streets! Copycat groups causing unnecessary destruction and violence. Is being caught up in the moment a motive? It's hard to believe this could be true but it might be...

In the pictures broadcast on news reports, the actions appeared purposeless. Smashing shop fronts, thieving, and terrorising residents is not the method I'd employ to endear myself to a community. A command for that much touted word: RESPECT. Human behaviour descending fast to the stone age. Verbal communication obviously too much of an effort these days. Language replaced with fists. That lack of words and voice is their downfall, but isn't it ours too? We've birthed a generation unable to grasp that respect has to be earned before it is given. It's not an automatic human right. Where's the big society in all this? Personal responsibility has declined over the last ten years, if not more. No blame or shame, society will take care of your ills.

Thus the cycle began. How can we blame a generation for being irresponsible if they don't know what being responsible is? There is a spoon-fed majority. Class or inequality not the social divider, but False Expectations About Reality. There are many definitions for the acronym FEAR, but this one seems apt for the circumstances. I believe everyone should have goals to aspire to, but only you can build that dream. Brick by brick, not take, take, take. Society owes you nothing. An image has been created that would suggest otherwise. Consumerism and the media has escalated this ideal persona, projecting it onto the world as standard. “Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is”, a German proverb says. The wolf in this case opportunistic greed.

What should the big society do? Stop finding excuses and reasons for this ill-thought out behaviour. Come together to face everything and recover. Act sensibly, start over and be the big parent. Oh, and if there is a next time, for God's sake use rubber bullets! War, the only word this generation has 
grown up to understand.