Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Lush Life

What does a lush life mean? To some it implies living the dream. A life that's rich with success and fulfillment. Others sum it up best by giving back to our global community. A lush life could be all of the above, but I only have one reply. LUSH spelled out to me, immediately springs to mind Lush cosmetic stores. This, my veggie vice, which I'm sure many others would agree. Their ethos, a blueprint of what life should be.

Yes, I'm a little obsessed, but I have very good reason. Buying from Lush gives you a warm glow inside – helping animals, people and planet. You won't meet a nicer bunch of peeps working there and your skin will thank you too. Everything natural and hand made, packed with fresh, organic fruit and veg. The temptation to eat their products sometimes has to be overcome. Their yummy Oatifix face mask, a favourite. I never thought this breakfast staple - a blend of bananas, vanilla and oats, could be so soothing for my skin. As I open the pot, I want to eat it all up, but instead slather it over my face. Thy work be done, lips miraculously unlicked, my day can finally begin. Thoughts already turned to what's for tea? What can be my sin? Perhaps, a shower smoothie and some double choc. The perfect combo for a light snack. For dinner, a vit C toner tab with a large piece of Summer pudd.

Lush Times, an evening bedtime read. Contents absorbed from cover to cover to keep up with all the news. What's hot, what's not, who are the new kids on the block, which ones are saying ta-ra. What goes on behind the scenes and how does the company manage to be so green. A tiny insight into Lush unseen. Pages of fun with an ethical note, explaining where the ingredients are sourced. How this is sustained so that everyone gains – the suppliers and our environment. Every area of production thought out, including the black pots, which can be returned and further recycled. I was surprised to learn from my local store that not everyone washes these out. Lush does enough, so do your bit and bring them in clean! I settle down to write my wish list – what do I want to try next? There's a large choice of lotions, potions and bars. Who has a birthday coming up? Do I need supplies in reserve? These small tokens I give to congratulate or bring cheer. A smile never failing to appear – that standard Lush receipt.

What I wanted to convey was this: a lush life has a positive impact on the world. No matter where or who you are. Your contribution counts, but dig deep before you buy. What does the company believe? Whose interests do they have in mind? These may be the best and worst of times, just like Charles Dickens wrote, but join this family for lush times to be well within your scope.