Thursday, 7 April 2011

What's In A Name?

What's in a name? The title of my new pet hate, for to me it sums up the crazy game of fame. Shakespeare said it was, “...that which we call a rose. By any other name would smell so sweet.” The roses I'm talking about not delicately scented, their protruding thorns digging in my side. Fame gone to their head, these so-called celebs weave mega-deals the world over. Why so bitter I hear you cry? Because it's just not fair. Using their name to gain access to all areas. Celebrities given carte blanche to criss-cross from one talent to another.

Stars are presumed to possess other marketable talents. A TV presenter? Write a racy novel. A singer? Go into fashion. A model? Release an album or land a role in a movie. The industry sewed up. Hard to get a foot in the door if you're not already a “somebody”. Sure, some individuals are multi-talented, but others have little credentials. A way of making big bucks and publicity. Every genre covered, despite any noticeable flaws. TV, radio and magazines swoon at their feet , wanting to be the first to announce this newly discovered role.

Work it, work it!” the agents shout, talented unknowns pushed to the fringes. Their faces pressed up against the glass, desperate for a small chink in the dome. Fame not their aim, but recognition of their skill. Their dream coming to fruition. Without an agent, you've had it. Dust, a familiar taste in your mouth, rejection an old habit. The services of an agent or publicist unobtainable if you don't have the right look or style. Unrepresented, windows of opportunity remain tightly shut. Do you instead splash your cash to get your material out there? It's a lot of hard work if you're unknown and unused to the business. The market saturated they say, but is this fact or fiction?

Everybody wants to be somebody. Thinking they can write a bestseller, dance, sing and act. Most of them obnoxious, misguided in their beliefs. Those lacking in skill, the ones making it through. Their saleability part of the problem. Celebs with a household name can be relied upon to deliver the goods, even if it's outside their expertise. It has to be said, are agents passing up raw, hidden talent? I think this could be true. I see the same artists working the room in a myriad of forms. “Nothing wrong in this. Strike while the market's hot,” the typical response, but I disagree. Fine, make a name in your field, but don't use it to the nth degree. Why not use it instead to advocate good, champion benefits and causes? Stand aside, let others light shine. Let them at least have the opportunity.

Yes, this is a rant, but better out than in. No resolution in sight to this woe. One option has now occurred, Just William's Violet Elizabeth entering my head. “I'll scream and scream 'til I'm sick!”, with a stamp of my feet, until I get my way. For I'm led to believe, it's how you achieve an undisputed name.